NEW YORK, Feb 17, 2010 – Tonight fashion watchers expect Brian Reyes to present fall looks with his 

signature Colombian-sensuality-meets-American-moxie style. His Bryant Park “Invierno 2010” runway show 

will deliver that cultural fusion with an unexpected new element: the refreshingly witty Ukrainian sensibility of 

contemporary artist Oksana Mas, as revealed in his “Zorya” print collection.    


The collaboration began last September. Reyes credits Zorya Fine Art founder, Zorianna L. Altomaro, with 

introducing and unleashing the kindred spirits.   


 “Oksana and I were busy creating our individual work, unbeknownst to one another,” says Reyes. “Zorianna 

had the vision to see how our sensibilities might combine to produce something amazing. As usual, her 

instincts were right on.”    


The artists sketched together during several marathon sessions at Reyes downtown studio. Odessa-based 

Mas set to work producing three paintings reflecting the duo’s shared, impulsive love toward both Man and 

Mother Nature. Reyes then transformed these works into the fluid, elegant prints featured in the Zorya 

collection. He also recruited Mas to design the staging for its debut. “Oksana and I draw so much inspiration 

from nature,” says Reyes. “Her ideas have that palpable energy that’s hard to find anywhere but the natural 



 Altomaro, Reyes and Mas announced the Zorya print project last fall at the opening of Mas’ first New York 

solo show, When Stars Align, presented at the Ukrainian Museum. “Zorya means star in Ukrainian,” says 

Altomaro. “It’s an incredible privilege to forge links between such passionate, creative stars in their 

respective fields.”    


 The gallerist sees the new Zorya print collection as a brilliant realization of Zorya Fine Art’s mission:  to 

introduce new audiences to the richness of Ukrainian art. “Tonight many fashion connoisseurs and 

international art-lovers will be getting their first glimpse into the depth and beauty of Ukrainian culture,” says 

Altomaro, noting its picturesque, highly symbolic aesthetic. 


That distinctly Ukrainian perspective has attracted surging interest from critics and buyers alike. At 

Sotheby’s London last June, works by Ukrainian artists including Oksana Mas far outperformed estimates as 

recession-worn collectors grappled for a piece of the intellectually savvy, irrepressibly spirited art. 


 Mas says she hopes the Zorya print collaboration will encourage New York fashion lovers to take a closer 

look at Ukrainian history and customs. “Zorianna and I like to bring Ukrainian traditions into contemporary 

contexts so that we can share our cultural puzzles with the global community.”  


About Zorya Fine Art: 

Zorya Fine Art brings a bold new perspective to the art world. A distinctive aspect of the gallery's program is 

the presentation of emerging and established Ukrainian artists. Zorya Fine Art creates a context for the 

understanding and appreciation of their creative effort, through historical and thematic exhibitions that bring 

to the forefront the significance and range of their work. Founded by Zorianna L. Altomaro,  Zorya Fine Art is 

dedicated to drawing international attention to Ukrainian art. The gallery’s curatorial direction and focus on 

the art of Ukraine expand the borders of our knowledge of contemporary art. For more information, please