Zorya Fine Art presents new works by Valeriy Skrypka, Sergei Belik, Yuriy Savchenko

Zorya Fine Art and Tikva Children’s Home are embarking in a partnership to bring awareness of and raise interest in Ukrainian culture, with specific focus on contemporary art, and to generate much needed support for the children of Odessa.

Tikva‘s mission is to care for the orphaned, homeless and abandoned Jewish children of the Odessa region of Ukraine. Tikva provides a loving home, essential social services, a first-rate education in the environs of a revitalized community, with a bright future in university or Israel and beyond. Thanks to Tikva, these children live what they never dreamed possible. It rescues them from abject poverty, neglect and too often, abuse, and gives them what they deserve – a loving childhood and promise for a better life.

Please join us for a special reception featuring new work of Valeriy Skrypka, Sergei Belik and Yuriy Savchenko. Also on exhibit new works by Volodymyr Radko and Natalia Perova.

Valeriy Skrypka was born in 1964 in Zaporizhia, Ukraine into a family of artists. He graduated from the renowned Kyiv Academy of the Arts with a Master’s Degree in art in 1992. Skrypka’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. He melds contemporary narrative symbolism with the iconography of ancient, mythological traditions of Ukraine to create imaginative works of art that shed light on universal experience. Skrypka now resides in the United States of America and his works are represented by Zorya Fine Art.

Born in Odesa, Ukraine in 1953, Belik holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Hrekov College of Art in Odesa and a Master of Fine Arts from the prestigious Mukhina Higher College of Art and Design (now the Mukhina State Academy of Art and Design) in St. Petersburg. The gallery presents an extensive body of his still life, landscape and seascape paintings.

Yuriy Savchenko was born in Sloviansk, Ukraine in 1935. He graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of Art and Design and received his professional training at the Theatre and Decorative Arts Department of the Institute. Savchenko masterfully executes landscape, still life and marine paintings in an expressive-impressionistic style.

Contributing curator
Olga Tarasenko, Art History Professor,
Izmayil State Pedagogical Institute, Odesa, Ukraine