Daria Tischenko-Zhuravel


The key idea of The Chameleon Effect video project is to shed light on the problems of an individual’s self-realization in society.


The principal objects of the video’s pictorial plot are a figure, that is, an individual human being, alongside multiple constructive geometrical composition elements symbolizing the broader society.


Every person is, abstractly speaking, a vessel that contains a certain amount of useful information. This information determines this person’s character, which takes shape over the many years of its existence. Correspondingly, the chalice is a symbol of the human soul; it contains the greatest human value, which is a value of a spiritual kind.


Despite the instability and complexity of society an individual tries to blend her- or himself with it; also, in accordance to her or his natural calling, the individual is focused on the goal of actualizing her or his internal/creative potential in one or another direction.


“The chameleon effect” becomes the main means of an individual’s merging with society and her or his self-actualization. That is, thanks to partially or fully unconscious acquisition of various types of behavior, views, and values from an environment in which this individual is placed a possibility emerges of this individual’s adaptation and self-actualization in society.


This pointedly highlights the question of being and the very possibility of survival in the near future for a new generation in this society.