Ilona Sochynsky

Flying Colors

Sochynsky invites you to let your imagination go with her new series of paintings titled "Fugues."

The juxtaposition of colors and shapes helps to create an illusion that stimulates the eye and the mind. Like individual melodies that form a larger musical composition--a fugue or a symphony--her paintings engage in an exciting dialogue, building on the foundations of contrast, rhythm, balance, and harmony. Each piece is like a small window that explores a different world or possibility, each one is an emphatic achievement.

Flying Colors is an exhibition that combines strength and perseverance. We are putting our colors up to signify our triumphs and victories.

Artist Statement: 
I have currently embarked on a new series of circle paintings titled “Fugues”. Using the circular form I attempt to interweave fragments and textures into a contrapuntal composition, whose basic structure consists of themes stated successively in different voices. With these paintings I aspire to create a state of harmony and to provoke a dreamlike state of altered consciousness in the viewer. - Ilona Sochynsky

Curated by Nadia Martinez:
In her curatorial debut Ms. Martinez reveals her discerning eye for selecting  works of art whose sublime colors penetrate through the viewers  abstract lens. The exhibition appropriately entitled, “Flying Colors” attracted Ms. Martinez whose own body of work plays off the fantastic elements of intricate abstract computer pieces.  The contrast of Martinez’ subtle details in her work blend with Sochynsky’s bold forms and colors. 
- Nadia Martinez