Sergey Stepanenko

Artist Statement:

Everyone asks themselves: who am I, what is life, what is love, what is the Universe, what is the meaning of time and what do we live for…No one knows the right answers, but we are always on a constant quest to find them. I believe we need to understand that we are a part of history, between the past and the future. Our mission is to take the best experiences of the past generations and add our own knowledge and understanding and, then pass it to the future generations. Art is a form and language of expression,
and is a timeless communication between all people and all generations. The language of visual 
art is in a process of constant transformation.

Every artist must learn the languages of previous generations of artists and, create their own language, which helps to express themselves better and, to be understood by other people. It is a very 
experimental and creative process, always leading to new discoveries.