Oksana Mas

Oksana Mas’ work reveals a vibrant and passionate soul with a discerning understanding of human psychology. Mas has a natural-born versatility and is comfortable and capable of working with different mediums. She has pioneered new techniques in art application. Her paintings have up to 25 layers of alternating varnish and paint, resulting in extremely vibrant colors that seem to remain fluid and flowing. Mas’ paintings explode with energy - a relief from the despair and gloom that contemporary art often tends to descend into. Mas’ innovative and refreshing approach to art has led to the placement of her works in major contemporary art collections in Odessa and Kiev, as well as in Moscow. Her works are held by MoMA, the Stella Art Foundation and the Ekaterina Foundation.

Oksana was born in 1969 in Illichivsk, Ukraine. In 1986, Oksana graduated from the Illichivsk School of arts and in 1992, completed her art studies at the Odessa State Art School. In 2003, Oksana received her bachelor of philosophy from the Odessa State University. The artist lives and works in Odessa.