Valeriy Skrypka's work melds narrative symbolism and Ukrainian iconography into highly original works that shed light on universal experience. The figures, animals, birds, and objects in his canvasses speak powerfully of the artist¹s ability to create aesthetic harmony, while not flinching from the contradictory discordant realities of twenty-first century life.

The figures, animals, birds, and objects --- touchstones from Ukraine's ancient past and traditions --- are skillfully blended with the artist's own original expressions of contemporary experience. These profound and enduring works of art invite the viewer to contemplate the very nature of existence. Skrypka's aggressive use of paint makes him a powerful artist who is among the most original and expressive of his generation

Skrypka was born in 1964 in the city of Zaporizhzhia into a family of artists. He graduated from the renowned Kyiv Academy of the Arts with a Master's Degree in art in 1992. His work sets the tone for Zorya Fine Art's projects by presenting the powerful works of an artist who has recently emerged out of the richness of Ukraine's ancient culture. Skrypka synthesizes images from Ukraine's past with his own perceptions in imaginative and fully realized works of art that are true to contemporary experience.