Ilona Sochynsky

Shades of the Psyche

Ilona's art explores the struggle of the unconscious bubbles of the psyche as it strives to the surface, seeking to liberate itself from the constraints of convention and social norms. A recurring theme is the stark netting, symbolizing behavioral boundaries that filter the raw emotions represented by colors such as the vibrant red in "Passion" and the pale blue in "Grief". The webbing echoes the belovedly black "spot of the India Ink" in the poem that inspired the emotional journey embarked upon in these works. The interpretation shifts to the erotic in the "Fetish", where one can imagine a casually discarded fishnet stocking.

by Ludmyla Taran, 1994

The spot of India ink is beautifully
Round and seems soft
As velvet. Its moist sheen
Defines a reclining body
Giving it volume and heat.
                       I love
Black -- the multiplicity of its meanings:
Sorrow, fear, grief, passion
And the pull of the abyss.
There is no fawning,
Frivolity, or frenzy --
Total rigor.
                       But from this darkness
Those who want -- hear the call of
A magnificent heart.