Expressive Impressionism of Yuriy Savchenko

On April 3, 2008, Zorya Fine Art will open an exhibition of paintings by renowned Ukrainian artist Yuriy Savchenko. Savchenko’s paintings are strong and evocative, yet their subject matter is very simple. The road to the village, peasant still life, birch trees, autumn, field flowers, and silver bouquet – reflect the emotional attachment Yuriy Savchenko has for the ordinary yet extraordinary scenes around us. The artist skillfully creates medium to large size oil paintings that are executed in heavy impasto. These works engage the viewer with laconic compositions and masterfully mixed colors that are contrasted with warm and cold tones.

Trained in an academic tradition, Yuriy Savchenko graduated from the Kharkiv Academy of Art in 1957, the artist developed his own expressive yet impressionistic style in the early 1980s. American art lovers had the first opportunity to view paintings by Yuriy Savchenko in 1991, when the artist was invited to exhibit at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, Alabama and at a private gallery in Nashville, Tennessee. The last exhibition of works by Yuriy Savchenko entitled “Fifth Avenue and Central Park” was organized by the Ukrainian Institute of America, New York in 2004. The artist, now in his 70’s continues his prolific career, working in his studio in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Last year Yuriy Savchenko held solo exhibitions in Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It is with much pleasure that we present this exhibition with 18 paintings on view. A rare group of paintings, a retrospective of the artist’s work from the 1980s to 1990s, will be included. The exhibit will continue through May 16, 2008. For more information please call the gallery.